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Care Instructions for Balled and Burlapped Trees
  • Keep your tree in an UNHEATED garage or sheltered area that is away from sun and wind until the tree is brought into the house. We recommend that your tree be inside your home no longer than one week.
  • Digging the hole for the tree before Christmas is a wise choice. If the ground freezes while the tree is inside, it can still be planted after it is taken back outside.
  • Leave the burlap on your tree at all times.
  • Place your tree in the coolest part of your home. While the tree is inside, be sure to keep it MOIST (not wet).
  • After Christmas, place the tree back in the sheltered area for two or three days to avoid extreme temperature changes.
  • Planting:
    • Do not plant in a naturally wet area. These trees require a well-drained planting site.
    • Plant the tree in a hole roughly twice as large as the root ball.
    • Use some loose dirt to hold the tree in a vertical position.
    • Make sure the top of the root ball is level with or slightly above the surrounding soil. Trees buried too deep quickly die.
    • Cut the string around the trunk of the tree.
    • Leave the wire cage surrounding the root ball in place.
    • Leave the burlap in place around the roots.
    • Water well when planting.
  • Transplanted trees need at least one year of good care to survive. The tree needs a good soaking every two weeks in dry weather. Some of our customers have had good luck with fertilizers such as Miracle Grow Tree Spikes®.
  • To keep your tree in good shape, trim it every year in mid-June with hedge clippers. Be sure to cut only the new growth.

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