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10 Tips to Choosing Your Perfect Tree
  1. The freshness of your Christmas Tree should be the most important factor as you select a tree.
  2. 2. Pull a few needles from a branch about halfway up the tree. The needles should bend at least 90° before breaking. If they break before this point, the tree is not fresh.
  3. Another test for freshness is weight. Provided two trees of the same size and species, there should be no significant difference in weight. If there is a difference, the lighter tree is the drier and least fresh of the two.
  4. One last freshness check is based on color. Tree color can vary from tree to tree depending on species, yearly rainfall, and overall health. While every tree may not be Kelly green, trees with brown or bright yellow patches should be avoided.
  5. After freshness, tree size will likely be the next choice made in narrowing your search for your perfect tree. Be sure to remember that your tree will be 12- 18" taller when you get it inside in a tree stand and put your favorite ornament on top.
  6. Check your ceiling height before you start shopping for your tree. The most common ceiling height is 8 feet.
  7. If you're trying to save a little money on your tree, you might think about getting a tree with a damaged leader. The leader is the single branch that sticks out the top of the tree. If this is broken or missing, the tree will usually be discounted 10-20%. If you happen to have a large ornament or angel that is placed on top of the tree, the broken leader will never be seen.
  8. Another way to save some money is to remember that you will rarely see all four sides of your tree in your home. A few open areas on one side of a tree will reduce the price a few dollars.
  9. Straight trees are always easier to stand up in your home. This makes crooked trees lower in price. If you invest in a good tree stand, crooked trees can be made to stand as easily as the straightest trees with no additional effort.
  10. Finally, the type of tree you choose has a lot to do with the price. Scotch and White pine are widely grown in the Midwest and are less expensive than other types of trees that have to be shipped to this area.

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